Chapter Saturday #1


Chapter One: All Behind

Welcome to a place filled with heartache, lies, and betrayal. I would have called that a normal life, but in this story death becomes a big part of these things. There are secrets that mostly involve crimes. You might not know who did what right away, but you can always guess. Enjoy…

Trinity is ready to leave the house before she is stopped by her step mother…

“Where are you going?!” Alyssa asked in a harshly loud tone, causing Trinity to jump.

She turns to her mother, trying to act like she wasn’t in fear a second ago to quickly respond.

“To get something to eat,” she answered, wrapping her arm around her stomach as it rumbles for more dramatic effect.

“Is this because the kids at school don’t like that your skinny? Because I didn’t give you permission.” Alyssa responds still giving Trinity eye contact while ignoring her gesture.

Trinity raises an eyebrow, but decides to not react even to her mother’s first comment. She’s has been use to her nonsense since she was a young child. She knows she has to say something to her, though.

“Avery doesn’t have to do anything like that, and I’m older than her.” She finally said, and this was definitely not the first time she compared herself to her sibling.

Trinity didn’t know what to expect from her mother next, but the argument will be worth it if she gets food in the end.

“Age doesn’t matter to me. I’m the parent.” Alyssa has always tried too hard to make things no one else would say so serious.

“Barely…” Trinity spits out with her head starting to lay on her shoulder.

“Avery doesn’t have anything to complain about.”Alyssa added, which made this not be a good topic for Trinity to bring up.

“You give Avery whatever she wants!” Trinity yells, but that doesn’t mean it’s false.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Alyssa finally demands.

“Well, I need to eat.”

“Go to your room.” Alyssa also commands, knowing that it’ll happen.

“I can leave if I really wanted to,” Trinity starts in a aggressive whisper. “I don’t see this as my home,” she says in a regular tone.

“I know that you wouldn’t do that,” Alyssa responds, thinking her way is the only way. “You’re nothing now and if you leave, you will only be worthless,” she adds, with her confidence over powering everything else.

Trinity knows this argument is already over now. Trinity can’t let this be her life for a couple more years…or even longer.

“I guess I will starve for another night…” Trinity speaks under her breath, but still loud enough for anyone to hear.

Trinity heads to her empty room, that basically only had her heart, and does the only thing her boredom will allow her to do, think.

Trinity’s step mother has been a single mother since Trinity was seven years old. Well, who knows what Alyssa does. She didn’t know what happened to her birth father. She only remembered that they both had a fight, and he just… left. Gone forever, it seems. Trinity sometimes lead to the thought that Alyssa could have killed him. She seemed to be enough crazy and completely capable in her mind.

Trinity has to think of her next move. She definitely wants to do what Alyssa thinks she wouldn’t, run away. She sees no possible way how this could be wrong if the person you are escaping from was Alyssa.

Trinity is a beautiful girl that has been ruined by Alyssa in multiple ways. She runs her fingers through her long brown hair that is starting to get greasy, which is a long process she is used to. Her light brown eyes could even look golden in the light. Her ribs are easily seen through her tank top and wonders why nobody questions that to her face. She is only seen as a freak at school, but that isn’t her fault. She could have been seen as good looking to the popular kids if nobody smelled or touched her.

Trinity starts packing a few things, like a brush and the only clothing she has. Afterwards, she leaves from the window which she will now have wide open in her room….

I will be posting a chapter almost every Saturday, so try not to miss it and be sure to read them all in order in the future.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye


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