Chapter Saturday #3

Be sure to read chapter 1 and 2 to know what’s going on.

“We’re here,” Kylie announces while unlocking the door of her one bedroom apartment.

“Wow,” Trinity reacts, predicting it would be nice anyway.

As the door opens, Trinity consistently keeps the reaction that she has never seen normal material before.

“My house never looked this nice,” mostly Trinity’s parts of the house.

“How old are you anyway?” Kylie asked, used to Trinity’s shock already.

” I’m sixteen,” Trinity answers truthfully.

“SERIOUSLY?!” Kylie had a suspicion that she was younger, but her being sixteen left Kylie stunned. What makes it even worse for Kylie is Trinity’s age can cause her some trouble if they get caught.

“Yes,” Trinity responds, trying to keep her cool. She had to make things look better for herself to her new stranger.

Kylie’s reaction to Trinity’s age lasted just as long as how Trinity showed her enthusiasm into the apartment. Kylie decides to sit on her couch in front of her little coffee table, but with no television in front of it, not like other places that you would see in television shows.

Kylie looks like she is about to shoot more questions, but who wouldn’t? They have never met before, and there is an age difference between them. Kylie might not even decide to keep her because of that. Trinity is still standing and doesn’t sit with Kylie because the future questions are already getting her uncomfortable. Kylie leans back while Trinity presses her arms against the counter that is facing Kylie’s right and is waiting for the response from Kylie.

Kylie looks up to Trinity’s face, but doesn’t know her next move. She knows what to say and what to ask, but should she ask them? There are so many understandable questions to ask, but she could see the discomfort in Trinity that she is trying to hide during this interaction. Kylie chooses to question her anyway because this could possibly risk her life. You always have to fear for yourself and both girls are about to speak with courage, but in an unfamiliar place.

Then, Trinity quickly finds a way to break the silence… Before Kylie does.

“How old are you?” Trinity decides to give the same question back.

“I’m 21,” Kylie responds fast, but calm. Especially since she lost her calm earlier. “I’m still young,” she adds with a humorous tone because the ice was broken.

Now it’s Kylie’s turn to ask a question.

“Why did you run away?” Kylie immediately asked afterwards.

Trinity couldn’t avoid the question because this is the exact reason why she is here. Trinity takes another pause and remembers to breathe before she speaks again.

“The wrong things are happening at home,” Trinity decides to give the less specific answer, and who knows if that’s the smart choice.

“Like what?” Kylie asked, and there is no signs of her dropping this.

Of course, follow up questions. That’s something Trinity should hate the most. She has to answer honestly, or maybe somewhat honestly.

“My mother treated my sister better than she treated me,” Trinity starts, and it’s truthful so far. “She always tried to show me I was nothing.”

Without even realizing, Trinity made her image seem similar to many others her age. Kylie reflected that and manages to keep her stare at Trinity who is unsure about what she should say next. The roles have switched as Trinity starts tapping her long nails onto the counter now, not even sure if it’s wrong that Kylie hears.

“Why?”Kylie also asked , and it seems to be the only thing she needs to ask.

“Because I am nothing,” Trinity reveals without too much thought, and now her insecurities are out and free, open for Kylie.

Trinity starts talking with her head down and with her eyes desperately looking for a window to look out of. Only wanting to see a better life than this.

“That can’t be true,” Kylie tells her as her only way of assurance.

“That’s not even half of it,” Trinity adds, attempting to forget her insecurity for now.

Kylie is still isn’t sure if Trinity is  actually going through something impossible. In Kylie’s mind, she believes that there could be a way for Trinity to go back home. Kylie of course has to consider that because Trinity isn’t even close to turning eighteen.

“You can tell me more about this tomorrow,” Kylie says to Trinity, giving up in belief. “I have an extra room for you to sleep in,” she adds in exhaustion.

“Ok,” Trinity thought it wasn’t over, but it is for tonight. “Thanks…”

Can this go wrong? Read more of this story to see other characters introduced, and there will always be more crime…

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.



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