Me In A Lyric

“Dark hearts don’t break, they bruise.” -Let go by HU

This is what I used to live by when my heart broke a couple times. Later on, I figured out how to keep myself unattached and never cry over a relationship.

It was new and almost addicting to have something break that wasn’t mine. After a while, there would be some kind of connection besides attraction. Since there is a little connection, that could be how a dark heart will bruise.

From my experience, I would not say you are in the best place if you can see this as some sort of twisted antidote. As more time passes by and you gain more memories, you will someday not see it as fulfilling or satisfying like before.

Eventually, I stopped. I looked for something real on both sides. With more knowledge, I now know how to deal with a future heart ache.

This is definitely something that I learned from this mistake…

When you’re heartless, you’re never really heartless.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.


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