One Take (Song)

They call me a liar
Because I found something in this world that I desire
Maybe it isn’t love
Maybe I’m not enough
Who am I? 
To talk about them.
Who am I?
Just hoping that my day will come
Living through my rapping, yeah
Loving without anybody, yeah
Maybe it wasn’t ’bout love
Maybe I was always enough
Never really needed it
But everyone says we need it
And I will show you one day 
That we gotta do a lot more than pray
Better remember what we give before we take
Better remember that we all can break
Honestly, with all the family hardships
Don’t think I can hold a relationship
For months, I was so faithful
But to be honest, I missed you since April
I can’t lie
No, not this time 
I’m dying… Inside
Feeling disabled… In my mind
Because I have to watch us fall apart
Why don’t things stay the same as the start? 
Your words don’t last forever
If they do, why can’t they keep us together?…
I even got fake friends 
Everything I do always depends on them
They’re the reason for these songs
They were here, and now they’re gone. 
They never really wanted me. 
They just want a taste of what I’m trying to be. 
Before I spit some more heat,
Remember this about me… 
Even while you watch me bleed
One day I will succeed
Don’t have to compete
Because I will succeed
I will succeed.
(Right before I bleed)
I will succeed.
(Don’t wanna compete)
I will succeed.

This is something I wrote for my friend. If you enjoyed this, share and watch the video Here .

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.


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