It’s Over (Poem)

I wrote this poem because I have never really defended myself to anyone, so this would be the best way to start. Enjoy…

I’m Megan,

And like every one of you, I’m human.

There’s something I have to teach,

So listen in this poetic preach.

I don’t know a thing about you, and you don’t know anything about me.

Now let it be.

Rumors are silly little lies.

Waiting for desperation to look inside.

Then, suddenly consume you alive.

Have you been burned yet?

The sun has already set.

It’s over.


So, for my old sweetheart,

Have you fallen apart?

I wouldn’t have a clue.


Because a smart person wouldn’t give up the love of their life,

So I stopped caring for you.

Now as I look up in the clouds, I see her knife.

Her smile makes you believe everything is true,

But she’s prepared to bury you

Because she’ll do anything to make him happy.

If you keep listening you’ll be in their Facebook status soon.

They thrive to know your next move.

To see who you’re not, and watch you finally rot.

I’m better than this now.

They can have each other forever.

The only way you’ll win is to fly high above and laugh over their new pathetic sins.

It’s over.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.


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