At The End Of The Day

At the end of the day… only I get to choose if I should be happy.

Everyone has their own journey that no one else sees. Even though no one else sees it, they still immediately judge our lives while being completely ignorant to it. That’s what people do. Naturally or purposely they have an opinion when they see someone. The one that does it purposely has a deeper intention to put you down. Some people are the most happy when you are down, so they are going to waste their days to keep you in that place.

This judgment is a part of my life because I know there is someone out there who hates it when I achieve something or even smile. Probably someone I know or care about. That might sound depressing, but it’s the truth. That’s how life goes whether you have knowledge about it or not.

What matters most about the criticism is what we do with it. We could either believe what others think and let the comments upset us, or just simply don’t let it control your life. If you know what you’ve done and if you know that you will never be as horrible as people make you seem, then what you have already heard means nothing. Remember that those words only mean something if you let them be that way.

That is how you choose to be happy. That is the only method to be happy with yourself which is the most important for your life.


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