Things That I Am Grateful For

1)I am of course grateful for my family because we all have good and bad times together, but we can’t separate from each other in the end. That is something that anyone can be grateful for.

2)My current boyfriend is someone that I am grateful for because he is always around when I need him which seems unprecedented in my life sometimes. He brings my life happiness and he reminds me why I need to continue doing the things that I do.
3)I am very grateful for my mentor being in my life because she is just like me but older, and I know that she really wants me on the right path.
4)I am also grateful for my video games because even though I don’t have an obession, I know that I have an escape when life doesn’t seem fair.
5)I am extremely grateful for my many hamsters because they all have their own individual personalities that entertain me when I look at them. Also, they have taught me to love and care for a living thing that is smaller then me because I remember how much sadness I felt after the death of my first hamster, Charlotte.
6)Finally, I am grateful for my books because they continuously remind me that I am not alone. Also, they teach me serious life lessons that I remember and consider carefully in my life. It is also the most satisfying and memorable escape if you give it a chance.
Thought? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.

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