My Top 3 Favorite Books

1) Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

This book is in the perspective of a girl, Nanette O’Hare, who realized that she was playing soccer and planning on going to college for her parents. He life started to change after she read a book, The Bubblegum Reaper, which made her quit soccer and her plans on going to college. These actions caused her to be hated by the soccer team and other consequences that really changed her character. This is on the top of my list because I can relate to making decisions that no one else approves of and feelings depressed pleasing other people.

2) Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

This book is about a girl named Hannah Baker who killed herself, but made tapes before her death to let the people who caused her death know why they did. Since Hannah already killed herself, this book is in the perspective of Clay Jensen who had romantic feelings for Hannah. Clay was one of the people who got a hold of the tapes and got the chance to he’s Hannah’s story. This book helped me through a hard time because it taught me that suicide is not the answer and you don’t get a second chance if you actually go through with it. It is selfish in a way because you don’t really think about the lives that will change from it.

3) It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson

This is Dawson’s second book that he wrote, but I believe that it is more memorable than the first. This book is a collection of personal essays about his life where he was completely honest as he used his humor to describe his past and his mistakes. This book is on the list because it is more honest or more sincere than many other books since he talked about his most embarrassing moments, his unhealthy habits, and how he came to the realization of who he is in great detail. I am certain that these essays have helped people because it has helped me and made me feel more human.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.


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