A Letter For My Hamster

Dear Megan,

I know that we didn’t get along in the begining because you weren’t comfortable in our home yet. When you did get comfortable, you made everyday the best day. I would have bad days at school, and you would cheer me up when I got home. I can have the best day of my life just watching you all day. I loved taking you out of your cage and playing with you. Before you were sick, I cried looking at you because I knew that it would all end one day. I wish that I could be as flawless as you were. It killed me deep inside watching you suffer on your final days. You never deserved to feel that kind of pain. You will be remembered for your beauty,  your obedience, and your playful heart. You are just as beautiful in your final sleep. I hope that hamster heaven is treating you well. Goodbye forever my love…



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