How to Care for a Hamster

I am very experienced with hamsters, so I am able to tell you all the things that I have learned.


1) Tame Your Hamster

One of the first concerns that people have about hamsters is that they will get bitten by them. Hamsters only bite when they are afraid, so I don’t recommend that you touch or play with them very much the first couple days. They have to be comfortable in their surroundings so they won’t feel the need to defend themselves. Tame your hamster by petting them little by little while they are awake and by touching their food before you feed them so they can recognize your scent.


2) Multiple Hamsters in a Cage

NEVER have more than one hamster in a cage unless they are related. Hamsters are territorial so they will get aggressive if there is another hamster in their cage. If they are related, they will sleep together, and it is adorable to watch. I have experience with this one because when my parents bought my first two hamsters, the first hamster immediately attacked the second one and she almost died. I told my parents their mistake, and we separated them. The good part of this story is that we saved the second hamster’s life just in time, and both hamsters got two live a healthy two years.


3) Feeding and Cleaning

You should feed your hamsters every day with some water because they get hungry and thirsty like we do. They will definitely bite you if you are near them when they haven’t been feed. You should also clean your hamster’s cage of couple times a week because it will get very smelly if you don’t.


4) Exercise

It is highly recommended that you have a ball or a wheel for your hamster to run around in. Not because they will get bored  in their cage, but they need those things to stay healthy. If your hamster does not get the exercise that it needs, then they will get sick and possibly lose the ability to walk. Soon after, death.



When you have a male and female hamster, you probably get the idea that you want to take care of baby hamsters. You should only do this if you are able to take care of them or if you know someone that would. If you understand the responsibility of taking care of older and younger hamsters, then I suggest that you have the female and male hamster mate during the night because that is the time when they are active. If the hamsters get along, let them have their private time and remember to separate them when you are done. After that they have had their private time, do not let it happen again because the female hamster will get agressive with the male hamster because she is already pregnant. It will take around eighteen days for the female hamster to give birth.


6) Baby Hamsters

When the hamsters are born, do not touch anything in the cage for two weeks because if your scent gets on the babies, the mother will not recognize them their scent and eat them. The only thing that you should add is food and water. When the baby hamsters have reached the age of 3-4 weeks old, you have to separate them from their mother and separate the boy hamsters from the girls because they will be old enough to reproduce at that time.

You can see how my hamsters have grown. 

Those are the basics on how to take care of a hamster. I hope that you saw this as useful. 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.


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