Almost (Short Story Pt.4)

For a couple days, I said hi to him and casually gave him hugs until I learned some new information about him. I learned from one of his close friends that he continued doing sexual things to my ex-best friend in a movie theatre on a school trip. I didn’t want it to but hearing it added onto the hurt that I already felt deep inside. I really believed that I was going to have my guy best friend again. I considered my old bad habits which made me feel worse because I haven’t felt that depressed in months.

I wanted to cry in front of his friend, but I managed to keep myself calm. I didn’t release my hurt with anger. I didn’t create a scene. I didn’t confront Mr.Proper at all. I didn’t give him any kind of greeting or hug after that. I ignored him completely. I wanted him out of my life this time.

Months later, I did not get what I wanted. I had heard through many people that he had said some harsh things about me and our past relationship. This got me so furious because after all this time he still won’t let me go. I couldn’t let him get away with something else, so I had to confront him. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I walked over to him anyway during lunch. He single handily made everything we ever had nothing with the words that he told others. Just another lie.

I tapped him and asked if we could talk privately. He slowly agreed and left his conversation with his friend to talk to me.I told him that I did not like the words he said and that it was unfair. The sweet words came and all I can remember is me hugging him at the end of the conversation. We somehow became friends again. I still don’t know how he is able to lure me in every time…


Thoughts?Suggestions?Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for using your time to read this. You’re still breathing, so stay strong. Goodbye.


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